About Julie

Julie started playing Drums in grade school. She continued on to Concert Band and played through high school and spent many years playing Drum kit in Rock and Folk bands.

In 1990 she found Celtic music and went on to learn the Irish Drum (Bodhran) and other forms of Hand Percussion, finding ways of incorporating Percussion into the various styles of Celtic music.

Julie is now very busy with a number of bands that focus on Contra Dances (Contra Quartet, The Olympia Volunteer String Band, Au Contrair), Quebecois (Les Gens du Chutes), Irish (Curlew’s Call), and Folk Rock (Humor & Heart).

Her vast experience has lead her to playing Percussion on various CD recordings. She also happily plays with local activist brass street band, Artesian Rumble Arkestra and has had the privilege to play Percussion with the Olympia Flute Choir at the Capitol
Rotunda. One her most memorable moments was playing with The Chieftans in Olympia.